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garage remodel // inspiration

January 29, 2014

so the garage portion of our remodel is officially underway and for the last week our plumber has been trenching through the front yard and chipping concrete to make way for our new sewer line. not exactly the most glamorous part of the remodel, so i’ll share with you our inspiration for the new space which will consist of an entry way, laundry room, and master suite with walk-in closet.

bedroom inspiration

we want to continue the rustic appeal we currently have in our living room into the new bedroom, so i’ve been dreaming of warm textures and clean lines. our current bedroom feels a bit cluttered at times, so we’re hoping to move away from that in this new space. we’ve also incorporated tons of natural light into the plans for this room with two floor to ceiling windows and a four panel glass door that opens to the backyard.

bathroom inspiration

there are still several bathroom details that we need to work out, but what i’m most excited about is finally having the clawfoot tub i’ve been dreaming of for years now. our rainwater shower and free standing tub will essentially be open air behind a fixed glass partial wall enclosure (similar to the bottom left photo). i’m pretty thrilled about this layout and the simple details that will pull it all together – white subway tile, dark floors, and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

entry inspiration

did i mention we’re also moving our front door? yep, things are about to get wild. with our current layout, you walk into the house and are immediately in the middle of the kitchen, so i’m extremely pleased that we’ll now have a proper entry for guests to hang their hats and stay awhile.

stay tuned for updates as we transform the above inspiration into our real life space. it won’t all be smooth sailing, and i’ll be sharing the horror stories and annoyances as well as the triumphs with y’all. we’ll be living in our home during the entire remodel (crazy but true), so any tips from those who’ve been in our shoes before are welcomed.

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kitchen remodel // inspiration

January 22, 2014

we’re on the brink of remodeling our kitchen and i’m thrilled and terrified all at once. the most difficult step is over, we’ve submitted our permit application to the city…it only took four trips to the permit office, weeks of unanswered phone calls and countless moments of “what the hell is this question even asking?!” but alas, we survived.

obviously the best part of a remodel is dreaming up your perfect room and then reconciling it with your literal budget. honestly the more time you’re willing to invest, the more bang you can get for your buck. we started with inspiration boards (thanks pinterest) and then researched the hell out of each aspect to see how we could achieve the look we want with the funds we have. at times you must be a little clever, but it’s doable. our kitchen vision is as follows:

kitchenour dream is a simple and minimal space with lots of natural light and touches of rustic detail. it’ll be an eat-in kitchen with reclaimed wood floors, dark lower cabinets with natural wood open shelving up top, and a classic subway tile back splash. we’re also going to build a gigantic farm table to sit in the middle of it all.

we break ground this week, so i’ll be keeping y’all updated as we go and sharing lessons learned from our trials and triumphs throughout this remodel process.

*we’re also converting our two car garage into a master suite and laundry room. holy hell i’m excited about that too. i’ll be sharing inspiration for that later this week. 

 photos: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4