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marble & milkweed

February 19, 2014

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i just stumbled upon marble & milkweed’s amazing product line and i want it all. i have really sensitive skin so i’m always looking for gentle, all-natural products that won’t irritate my skin. on top of that, artificial scents either give me crazy headaches or make me nauseous – so basically, bath & body works is my own personal hell.

cardamom butter & spring tonic serum

needless to say, i’m simply giddy over these handmade skin products.  this cardamom body butter and spring tonic serum are at the top of my list featuring jojoba oil, sweet almond, and cold-pressed evening primrose – sounds like a dream right? all organic. all awesome. and this rose and chamomile facial set is basically the cat’s pajamas.

rose & chamomile facial set

once we get through this remodel, i plan on doing some serious pampering, so i’ll be looking forward to trying these lovely products. have any of you tried them?

photos by marble & milkweed

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playlist // that love stuff

February 14, 2014


there’s no ignoring the fact that today is valentine’s day. i know, i know, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to proclaim why they either love or loathe the holiday. but i’m fairly indifferent about it because we started dating on february 7th so every year we just celebrate that instead. in fact, last week was eight years since our first date (when we went to olive garden, hubba hubba).

but if i have to climb upon my soapbox in the name of something, it’s to convince you to stay in and for a kick ass date night at home. cooking together can be wildly romantic and downright fun.  not to mention that for the price of a small meal out on valentine’s you can have a four course meal at home for two. so why not forego the traffic, uncomfortable shoes, and  overpriced dining? wear something comfy, and throw on some lipstick if the mood strikes you.

we’ll be kicking off our evening with oysters and prosecco (we love this bottle) and then venturing into some delightful lobster recipe adventure – still trying to decide between a risotto or maybe a butter poached lobster. but i also can’t stop thinking about this grilled lobster recipe either. i’m sure a cocktail or two will be had in between courses.  i’ve been wanting to try this fig & thyme cocktail for awhile now.

if you’re staying in tonight, i’d recommend setting the mood with candles because let’s face it, food and people look better in candlelight. and music makes all the difference. lucky for you i’ve already put together a date night playlist to save you the trouble. tunes to dance to while you’re cooking up a feast and a couple of my personal favorites that will last until that final night cap. enjoy.

that love stuff

stately sandwiches

February 6, 2014

stately sandwiches

design student kelly pratt set out to create and then promptly devour signature sandwiches from all 50 states (a girl after my own heart). each state’s feature is accompanied by a brief story of how the recipe came to be, along with a photo of the deconstructed sandwich. brilliant. how good does that fried clam roll sound? or the dungeness crab? you can find more of her stately creations here.

photos courtesy of kelly pratt

and we’re back!

January 21, 2014

the couple

as you may have noticed, we underwent a little branding revamp along with some other nifty updates over the past month and we are pleased as punch to present the new forage + fodder site to y’all.

for those of you who loved the oldies but goodies, we’ll still keep posts like this, and this, going strong. however 2014 brings some new features that we’re thrilled about. expect more collaborations, home improvement features, and maybe even a few products down the line.

take a look around, we’d love to know what you think!

(photo courtesy of sweet mel of cole collective)

under construction

January 9, 2014

if it isn’t obvious already, forage + fodder is undergoing a little fine tuning for the new year. with a little patience and gumption we’ll be back in a week or so and better than ever. trust me on this.

in the meantime, you can get your fix by following our instagram, checking out our facebook, or meandering through our pinterest boards.

until then…

gift guide // the wildcard

December 13, 2013

it’s friday! and thus time to celebrate the wildcard in your life. you know the one. oh so adored, but perhaps not your first choice for a ride to the airport… these individuals can be difficult to shop for but below you’ll find goods that are ever elusive in character, yet sure to be a hit (just like your wildcard).

wildcard guide

one: curse a little print $22.88 // two: ocean, sea, wave print $19.97 // three: love is necklace from love nail tree $36 // four: georgia envelope clutch by vaalbara $145 // five: footed bowl $28 // six: zissou adventure mug $14 // seven: joinery tambourine $15 – $24 // eight: rilo kiley album $29.98

gift guide // your favorite sous chef

December 12, 2013

if there’s one person that you’re going to spend a pretty penny on, it’s your partner in crime, your kitchen co-pilot… your one and only sous chef. i don’t pretend to be able to afford some of the things on this list, but a girl can dream right? soux gift guide

one: the kinfolk table $35 // two: meadow tea towel by leah duncan $24 // three: nimbus cloud serving board $110 // four: monterey apron $88 // five: bourbon barrel matured maple syrup by noble $28.95 // six: minaret salt & pepper grinder $198 // seven: fishnet shopping bag $37 // eight: oslo nesting bowls by paper & clay $98

gift guide // your favorite barkeep

December 11, 2013

this guide is full of little somethings for the person that always keeps the party going. whether they’re a novice mixologist or an expert creator of tinctures, these goods are sure to lift their spirits (pun very much intended).

barkeepone: altar herbal martinis $19.95 each // two: bitters $17 // three: mistaken lyrics coasters by makeatx $25 // four: bitter frost basement bitters $20 // five: whiskey throw pillow $20 // six: mugavu wood wine holder from rose & fitzgerald $25 // seven: whiskey stone shot glasses $40

gift guide // for him

December 10, 2013

and now a few things for those handsome dapper fellas that we all know and love. believe it or not, almost everything listed is under $50 and made by independent craftsmen. mr. gift guide

one: gentlemen’s glassware from manready mercantile $36 // two: plaid bow tie from fox and brie $48 // three: daneson scotch toothpicks $8 // four: the art of fielding  $19 // five: baxter clay pomade $18 // six: union thread socks sold by manready mercantile $20 // seven: chambray charcoal pocket square from fox and brie $28 // eight: rose & fitzgerald bell jar lamp $150

gift guide // for her

December 9, 2013

we’re kicking off our week of gift guides with some ideas for that special lady in your life, you know the one i’m talking about. most of the items posted this week are from local and/or independent makers and today’s guide is almost exclusively under $100. happy monday y’all.

mrs. gift guide

one: another feather crest bangle $64 // two: garden party ascot from fox & brie $32 // three: son of a sailor’s sabine chevron necklace $38 //four: isabel crop from evens $170 // five: it by alexa chung $19 // six: another feather large bow earrings $64 // seven: everlane reverse denim backpack $65