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Brief Introduction of LI, Shuchao

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LI, Shuchao
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Name: Shuchao LI, Professor  
Address: School of Mathematics and Statistics, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, 430079, China,      
Phone: 86-27-67867452  
Ph.D. Mathematics,Nankai University, 2001.  
Dissertation: Matroids on partially ordered sets.    
Advisor: Professor Chen William Yongchuan.  
M.A.Mathematics, Central China Normal University, 1998.  
B.A.Mathematics, Central China Normal University, 1991.  
Graphs and Combinatorics.  
My main research interests are in the areas of linear algebra, matrix theory, graphs and combinatorics. These interests reside in many areas of mathematics ranging from applied to pure mathematics, and also numerical analysis. I am extremely interested in research problems that have applications or require expertise in overlapping areas of mathematics. I continue to work on problems from combinatorial matrix theory, which, of course, overlap graph theory and linear algebra. Currently, I have been working on a number of different problems, which fall under the headings:  
  1. extremal graph theory

  2. graph enumeration; and

  3. im体育 algebraic graph theory & combinatorics of finite sets;

  • im体育 october 1 - november 30, 2005: visiting scholor, hongkong university of science and technology, hongkong

  • im体育 november 1-december 31, 2007: visiting scholor, hongkong university of science and technology, hongkong

  • july 1-july 31,2009, visiting scholor, international center of theoretic physics (ictp), italy.

  • August 1-August 31, 2013, : Visiting scholor, Hongkong University of Science and Technology, Hongkong

    Professional service:  

  • editor: advancements and developments in applied mathematics;

  • im体育 editor: chinese journal of mathematics;

  • im体育 editor: journl of algebra, number theory: advances and applications;

  • Editor: Advanced Journal of Physical Sciences;

    Publications: Please see  

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