Graph Theory and Optimization

Brief Introduction of HU, Zhiquan

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HU, Zhiquan
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Personal Information
Name: Zhiquan HU, Professor  
Address: Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, 430079, China  
Research Field: Graph Theory  
Office: Room 428, Building 6  
Phone: 86-27-87386871  
  • ph.d. mathematics (majoring in graph theory), academy of mathematics and systems sciences, chinese academy of sciences, 2001. dissertation: some results related to cycles in graphs. advisor: professor feng tian.

  • m.a.mathematics (majoring in operations research), central china normal university, 1984.

  • im体育 b.a.mathematics, central china normal university, 1982.

Research Interests and Current Research Works
My research is mainly concerned with graph structure theory. I have published more than twenty papers on this subject, five of which appear in     Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series Band   Journal of Graph Theory. I have proved three conjectures on long cycle of graphs, one of which is proposed by Enomoto et al.  I also study graph algorithms and have proposed a strongly polynomial algorithm for the inverse shortest arborescence problem as well as a polynomial algorithm for the colorings of perfect circular arc graphs. Currently, my research is focused on the cycle structure, the path structure and the tree structure of graphs.  
Academic Visits
  • im体育 jan. 1—march 31, 2012: visiting professor; department of mathematics, the university of hong kong, hong kong.

  • im体育 jan. 1—may 20, 2011: visiting professor; department of mathematics and statistics, georgia state university, u. s. a.

  • im体育 nov. 16—dec. 15, 2009: visiting professor; department of mathematics, the hong kong university of science and technology, hong kong

  • june 24,2002—apr. 20, 2003: post-doctor, laboratoire de recherche en informatique, umr 8623 du cnrs, universite paris-sud, france

  • march 2002—may 2002: visiting scholar; department of mathematics, the university of hong kong, hong kong

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