lunch with mama // elizabeth st. cafe

August 19, 2013

elizabeth st. cafe continues to be one of my favorite spots in town (as evidenced by my ravings of it here and here).  the interior is beautiful and the food is one of a kind. i usually eat outside on their patio, but it’s been a continuous 100 degrees here lately, so i gladly welcomed the air conditioned atmosphere engulfed in natural light and flecked with bright colors. i usually come here for breakfast, but as we learned this week, the lunch & dinner menu is as equally impressive as their morning offerings.



before we were even two bites into our delicious poached shrimp and avocado spring rolls we’d befriended the couple at the table next to us. i am definitely my mother’s daughter when it comes to a habit of striking up conversations with strangers. they simply asked us if it was our first time there, and no less than five minutes later i had pen and paper out writing all of my favorite restaurants down for them. note to all of you out there: if you’re looking for privacy, don’t sit at the table next to me – especially if i’m with my mom. moving on, moms got the grilled tofu vermicelli bowl and i got the keffir lime fried chicken banh mi. both were fantastic. we followed it all up with a peach galette with chai ice cream. all of their pastries and breads are made in house so save room for a few macarons or eclairs for the road. they are not to be missed.




peach galette

i surely don’t mind reliving this meal on a busy monday. yes, i day dream about food, doesn’t everybody? below is yet another unsuccessful attempt for my mom and i to not pose exactly the same for a picture. at least i made her move her hands and i recrossed my legs opposite hers this time. it’s a work in progress people. enjoy the week!


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