margs up!

February 22, 2013

it’s national margarita day everyone! it’s been one hell of a week and nothing sounds better than exercising my american duty of partaking in alcohol-driven holidays. in the spirit of margaritas, we’ll most likely be stuffing our faces with tex mex tonight as well. here are my favorite spots in town for a marg:


el alma has a great happy hour with a reliable house margarita and a rooftop patio. if you’re looking for something with a little kick to it give their margarita chilanga a try.


trudys will give you the biggest bang for your buck with their mexican martinis. there’s a reason they can only serve two per person – these babies are strong.


and curra’s grill certainly has a strange, yet surprisingly delicious, offering in the form of their avocado margarita.

viva la margarita!

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