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May 22, 2013


a few weeks ago was my man’s first saturday off in six months. it was fantastic. we slept in… like got 11 hours of sleep slept in. and then ventured out to a neighborhood jem called tyson’s tacos. this place is amazing. and honestly, i considered not even posting about it because i don’t want to share it with anyone. selfish, but true. this is also the first place that i’ve eaten at twice in one day. that’s right, lunch was so good that we went back for dinner.


tysons tacos 1


tysons1simply put, everything is delicious. and the menu is absurd. cornish game hen? yes, they have that. we devoured the pork belly tacos (yes, apparently that’s an actual thing), the baby back ribs tacos, carnitas tacos, homemade guacamole, chips and queso, and the pork belly flautas. it was all incredibly delicious and shockingly affordable. oh and the byob factor is just about makes this my favorite place in the hood. the real treat was closing the place down and getting to meet tyson and his entire family. they rule. and were quite hilarious. this may just have to be a new saturday tradition.

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3 thoughts on “local grub // tyson’s tacos

  1. Karla

    Love Tyson’s, thanks for posting this! We tried them out a few weeks back. So glad they are in the neighborhood.

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