simple summer ravioli recipe

August 9, 2014

simple summer ravioli // forage + fodder

my man is out-of-town. in france to be precise, so as i write this, i’m in an oversized hoodie on the couch shoveling peach cobbler into my face. yes, every time i’ve missed him this week i’ve gone straight for the cobbler. i guess everyone’s got their ways of coping. now that confession time is over, let’s talk about this simple summer ravioli recipe. sometimes we do beautifully curated recipes and sometimes we do real life on-the-go recipes… this is the latter.

i threw this little dish together for lunch the other day and it was too good (and too easy) not to share. we’ve been eating a lot of fresh pasta this summer, and i honestly can’t recall the last time we used sauce. here’s a little rule of thumb: the best pastas don’t need sauce. we almost exclusively do fresh pasta with just some quality olive oil and a few sautéed veggies and herbs. this combination was especially delightful though.

simple summer ravioli

pancetta, diced
¼ onion, sliced
cherry tomatoes, halved
fresh ravioli of your choice (i used foraged mushroom)
fresh mozzarella, cubed
olive oil
fresh basil

get a pot of slightly salted water boiling. meanwhile, in a non-stick pan (no oil necessary), sauté the pancetta until crispy on the edges. transfer to a plate lined with a paper towel to cool. in the same pan, sauté the onion until translucent. once you’ve added your fresh ravioli to the boiling water, toss the tomato, fresh mozzarella and a splash of olive oil into the pan with the onions.

once the mozzarella is warm, but not fully melted, add the reserved pancetta. remove from heat and tear a few fresh basil leaves on top of the mixture. drain your pasta, and return it to the pot with a little drizzle of olive oil. serve pasta onto your plate, top with the pancetta mixture, and voilà!

this was a packaged ravioli, but i’ve been meaning to dust off the ol’ pasta maker. anyone have a great pasta recipes out there?

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One thought on “simple summer ravioli recipe

  1. Ginjurr

    That looks so good. Interesting what you said about pasta not needing sauce, I have found that to be very true!


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