the first batch

March 22, 2013

first batch

well after 3 weeks the first batch of homemade bitters is complete! the final step was just adding a bit of sweet (honey for the grapefruit and a rich simple syrup for the orange bitters).


we did a little taste test the first night and they’re not half bad, although they have a little more bite than i expected so i think they may need to mature a bit longer. i was able to get these lovely little bottles shipped for super cheap from specialty bottle in seattle. and found a great little template for homemade labels.



since then i’ve been incorporating the orange bitters in my old fashioned recipe (which is still in the process of being perfected).


old fashioned

we’ll give it some time, and then i want to try out a few more bitters recipes, the first of which being coffee pecan. yum indeed.

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