the southern gentleman // sips + whistles

September 30, 2014

southern gentleman // forage + fodder

i know it’s fall in the rest of the country, but we’re still rockin’ 80 degree temps here in texas, so i thought i’d get this cocktail in just under the wire. the sweetness lends it self to summer, but my good friend bourbon can definitely carry any cocktail into sweater weather.

southern gentleman // forage + fodder

this latest sips + whistles cocktail, the southern gentleman, comes from one of my favorite cities, new orleans. and just like nola, this drink is sweet and sultry. i’m normally not a blackberry fan – i love the flavor but hate the seeds, so for me, this drink requires a quality strainer. another important tip is to taste your blackberries before you make the drink. are they particularly sweet? if so, maybe add a little less simple syrup. if you’re using larger berries, you may only need two for a perfectly balanced cocktail.

southern gentleman // forage + fodder

 the southern gentleman cocktail

1 ½ oz bourbon

½ oz simple syrup

3 blackberries

3 mint leaves

splash lemon Juice

toss your blackberries and mint in the shaker and muddle until berries are juiced well. add in simple syrup, bourbon, and lemon juice and fill with ice. shake vigorously until the shaker begins to condensate. using a collins strainer, strain into an old fashioned glass with an ice cube. garnish with a small lemon wedge and mint leaf and enjoy!

suggested album pairing:

the dock of the bay // otis redding

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