a darling garden party // bloom series

July 3, 2015

a darling garden party // forage + fodderyou guys…things got real girly for our spring bloom series shoot, a darling garden party. inspired by warm nights and effortless ways to beat the heat and pass the time without constantly being stuck indoors, we embraced all things feminine with frocks, custom floral accessories, and edible flowers galore. our garden party was a ‘just because’ event, but how perfect would this be for a small bridal or baby shower?

a darling garden party // forage + foddera darling garden party // forage + fodder

as always, we kept it simple by creating a beautiful atmosphere with items already in our kitchen or found around the house. plus, we actually hosted this event in our own backyard. we figure, why stress, when you can just grab the chairs from around your kitchen table and bring them outside? we opted to use our bar cart and a bedside table as surfaces for serving a delicious spread of treats. it doesn’t have to match – in fact, pairing random, but complimentary items together adds much more character to your event.

a darling garden party // forage + foddera darling garden party // forage + fodder

as far as entertainment goes, we kept it classic with a few rounds of gin rummy and chess. although most of the afternoon was spent sipping and nibbling in between fits of laughter. when the weather is warm, bubbles and crisp refreshing cocktails are priority. we started off with champagne chilled in floral ice cubes for an added touch of beauty. oh, and adding a cube or two to your glass isn’t the worst idea. especially once the ice melts, and you’re left with a lovely little bloom in your glass. i’d recommend this addition to any chilled cocktail.

a darling garden party // forage + foddera darling garden party // forage + foddera darling garden party // forage + foddernow all of these bubbles simply cannot be enjoyed on an empty stomach, so we kept guests snacking on cardamom sugar cookies and and an arugula & goat cheese flatbread – both with edible flowers of course…

a darling garden party // forage + foddera darling garden party // forage + fodder

edible flowers can be purchased in most grocery stores, and you’ll want to be sure that they’re packaged for food use, because that means they’re free of any chemicals and are varieties that are safe to eat. i will say, working with edible flowers takes patience, as the blooms are extremely delicate. however one simple, yet impressive way to incorporate them into your event is by making floral ice cubes.

floral ice cubes

this process takes a bit of time and it’s best to work in layers. fill an ice tray (we recommend a silicon tray that makes larger cubes, like this one) a quarter of the way with water, add flowers facing down, and freeze. this suspends the bloom at the top of your cube. if you fill the entire tray at once, the blooms will float before freezing and you won’t see them as well.

once frozen, add more water to fill halfway, and freeze. finally fill tray to the top, and freeze again. we recommend using distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled for the crystal clear cubes.

next week we’ll be sharing tips from samantha so that you can create custom floral pieces for your own event as well as a recipe for a boozy granita affogato. enjoy the weekend!

photos // photo by betsy     florals // bricolage curated florals    food styling // forage + fodder

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