a mindful wine tasting // floral tips

March 13, 2015

hello again! welcome to our third and final installment of our fall bloom series shoot! you’ve seen the beautiful photos of this dreamy afternoon, so we wanted to share this video that so perfectly captured the experience of our mindful wine tasting. then of course, we’ll tell you how to create a similar atmosphere for your own guests!

Forage + Fodder // Fall Bloom Series from Stringer Productions on Vimeo.

the tablescape for this event was intentionally simple and muted. the white plates, neutral linens, and smooth textures from the serving boards allowed the food and florals to catch the eye of our guests and whet their appetite. we purposely avoided blooms for the table, for something deeper, that invoked the idea of community and curiosity.

a mindful wine tasting // forage + foddera mindful wine tasting // forage + foddera mindful wine tasting // forage + fodder

oh, and don’t think we were going to leave you without some fantastic floral tips from sweet samantha, because let’s face it, she killed it on the florals for this event.

a mindful wine tasting // floral tips

a mindful wine tasting // forage + fodder

the idea of using exposed roots resonated with us all because they remind us that during the cold months and throughout the holiday season, we want to be with those who know us the deepest and keep us rooted. yet, they also remind us of the longing we all feel for spring and new growth. who or what keeps you rooted?

a mindful wine tasting // forage + fodder

to achieve this aesthetic, use any plant with a good root system, like ferns or ivy. if you change the water regularly, your root exposed centerpieces will last a week or longer. after this shoot, i kept these on my kitchen window sill for almost two weeks! these clear, understated vessels are simply repurposed jars found around the house. we love the way the roots catch the eye and how the sunlight makes its way through.

we chose wild, foraged, inspired arrangements in planters rather than vases. in this way, we simply paid an ode to the colors of the season and the tasting: deep greens, rich burgundy, smooth browns and beiges and bright white… all while staying true to the aesthetic of the vessels and stands that displayed these pieces. each unique element speaks for itself, but they work in harmony to create an incredible balance.

a mindful wine tasting // forage + fodder

the bloom series is an ongoing collaboration between forage + fodder, bricolage curated florals, and photo by betsy. each season we will bring you seasonally curated experiences along with simple floral tips and recipes. you can view more of our bloom series here.

our mindful wine tasting features cheese and charcuterie hand-selected by antonelli’s cheese shopthe serving boards and planters are handmade by local rockstar kelly dewitt from kkdw.co.

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