rooibos mint tea (two ways) // frvrlnd collaboration

May 19, 2015

rooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrld

summer is upon us y’all. so what better time to share this recent collaboration with frvrlnd, olive + rye, and katie jameson photography? when rowen, the woodworker and muse behind frvrlnd, a curated collection of handmade small-batch goods, approached julie and i about creating a few simple recipes for her summer product line, we got right to work.

a typical austin summer brings lots of sunshine (and humidity), so we wanted to create something refreshing and simple to enjoy on the porch with friends. thus we bring you rooibos mint tea two ways! one served on ice with a few bubbles and the other a boozy but easy to sip bourbon cocktail. both drinks share a handful of simple ingredients, and are perfect for your next backyard gathering.

rooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlndrooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlndIMG_9293rooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlnd

this collaboration also gave me an opportunity to test out frvrlnd’ summer product line and i’m completely smitten. frvrlnd muddlers are beautiful, but more importantly, functional, and don’t even get me started on these ambrosia maple boards.

rooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlndIMG_9308

i’m a sucker for prep bowls, so i instantly fell for her scoop collection, which features a variety of sizes and shapes. and all of her products are handmade, so each item is unique and created with care.

rooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlndrooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlnd

rooibos + mint iced tea

5 tsp of loose rooibos tea
24 oz water
25 mint leaves
2 oz simple syrup
lemon, thinly sliced into rounds

chilled club soda

using a linen tea bag or wire mesh tea infuser, steep the tea in water that’s just off the boil until it reaches your desired strength. you’ll want it to be stronger than normal, so 5-10 minutes should be about right. muddle your fresh mint leaves until crushed and add to the steeping tea. in a small pitcher, combine the simple syrup and strained tea & crushed mint mixture, and stir well until combined. fill each glass with ice, leaving room for two lemon slices per glass and split the tea mixture evenly between the glasses. top off with chilled club soda and enjoy. makes four delicious glasses.

rooibos mint iced tea // forage + fodder & frvrlnd

rooibos tea + bourbon cocktail

(makes 2 cocktails)

1 tsp of sugar
10 mint leaves
4 tsp of loose rooibos tea
4 oz hot water

4 oz of bourbon (we used buffalo trace)

using a linen tea bag or tea infuser, steep the tea in boiling hot water. allow to steep for 4-7 minutes, you’ll want the tea to be strong but not too bitter. while the tea is steeping, combine mint and sugar In a cocktail shaker or flat-bottomed cocktail mixing glass. muddle until mint is thoroughly crushed and combined with sugar. once the tea has steeped to desired strength measure out 4 ounces into the shaker (be careful, it might be hot!) and add bourbon. fill shaker with ice and stir until the cocktail is jet cold. double strain the mixture into two cocktail glasses and garnish with lemon peel and mint sprig. enjoy!

this drink would also be wonderful served on ice. Just combine and stir all ingredients without the ice in the shaker and pour into a highball glass filled with ice.

scoops + boards: frvrlnd // cocktail recipe: olive + rye // photos: katie jameson photography 
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