a place for hope

February 21, 2017

a place for hope // forage + fodder

life has been tough y’all. and to pretend that it’s all roses and sunshine over here would be inauthentic and a down right shame because i know that i’m not alone in the struggle. as our country shifts and divides, and each morning i’m greeted with another headline that either terrifies or discourages me, i’m left wondering, where is there a place for hope?

i think many people feel as though they are in the dark right now, looking for a glimmer of light to lead them towards the exit. this kind of darkness is a lonely place to be and one can’t stay there for long without merely just accepting it as their new quality of life. in my best moments, i reject darkness, feel emboldened to continue to advocate for others and myself and to find hope and beauty in the everyday. in my worst moments, i’m furious that i have fought and will probably continue to fight my entire life for the dignity and freedom that our country deems as a birthright to my fellow citizens of fairer complexion.

i needed a break, so i took one – both for myself and for my family. author audre lorde once wrote that “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” this intentional lull has brought restoration and more importantly, inspiration. i have found my place for hope. it is in my home and in the homes of complete strangers – it is the place where people gather around the table and break bread.

my hope has always been that forage + fodder be an approachable and intentional space that ignites the desire to bring people together. that hope feels more important and relevant than ever before and i am anchored to it, for better or for worse. we’ll be introducing the element of storytelling to our upcoming posts and recipes and while our content may be less, i can assure you, it will be much more meaningful.

with love, danielle

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