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December 14, 2014

gift guide // forage + fodder

this year’s gift guide is about embracing simplicity. i’ve been on a real mission of self-care lately, thus this gift guide for the leading lady in your life is centered around slowing down, feeling nourished, and seeking inspiration.

slowing down // the holidays are sort of a whirlwind for us – family reunions, photos, epic meals, stories, and of course a little bit of traffic everywhere we go,  so i relish in the chance to create a sense of calm and comfort when i can. this easy-going striped jumper travels well and lends itself to layers, because christmas weather is always a wildcard here. and these cozy moccasins are the perfect travel companion. this time of year, i am constantly burning candles, and this teakwood & tobacco scent has become a staple in our home. it’s perfect for curling up on cloudy days with a good book.

feeling nourished // first and foremost, these products from beautycounter are sort of a dream come true for me. they’re entire line is composed of safe and natural products whose ingredients contain the essentials – that means no fillers, no unnecessary scents, and most importantly they follow some of the strictest guidelines, so you don’t worry about what you’re actually putting on your skin. right now, their sugar scrub and hydrating body lotion are at the top of my list. to keep with the theme of natural pampering, i’ve come to love butter nail polish. although i don’t paint my nails often, when i do, i stick to a few choice shades, this union jack black being one of them. being a fairly no frills gal, i maintain a minimal to no make up routine. so this lip & cheek stain is easy to keep in my bag, and whip out when i want just a pinch of color.

seeking inspiration // it shouldn’t be news to you that i’m a big fan of kinfolk, so obviously their cookbook makes the list for dreaming up meals to share with those we love. i’ve also become recently smitten with stella maria baer’s incredible moon prints. there are a few i would love to hang above my bed and just gaze at for hours. seriously, they’re incredible. these brass gems would be a welcomed addition to my workshop, and i think there’s an endless number of ways to style them. lastly, these coconut palm hair sticks are a must for when these curls need to go up and away so i can get some serious work done. and let’s just say that those adorable earrings are my ‘just because’ gift idea. i mean what woman wouldn’t love them?

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